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Hello everybody *waves*,

I'm trying to find a fanfiction I really loved reading and which suddenly disappeared, I hope somebody knows it.

Seras is a kid there and Alucard is living in his castel in Romania (everything takes place there) and Seras is living in a abusive home, so she flees one day and Baskerville finds her. After that Alucard finds her and takes her with him home, because she is some kind of soulemate to him.
And the people Sera ran away from try to get her back, but Alucard impales them (or Alucards servants do it, I don't remember anymore ^^;) And then it continues with Seras growing up to be Alucards mate, and her being afraid about it but also looking forward to it.
Also it isn't finished (or at least it wasn't finished yet, when I saw it the last time)

I just hope it wasn't deleted, but if somebody knows it I would be happy if you could tell me :)

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